BLM Solidarity & History of Nails

Floss Gloss stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and BIPOC. Please use this page as a hub of actions, anti-racism educational resources, and links to all of the BLM & affinity groups Floss Gloss has supported with a donation. Please also learn more about the history of nails and it's origins in the black community.


  • Support George's Law: In the wake of George Floyd's murder, it is clearer than ever to the American people that racially motivated murders & other crimes are committed as means of oppressing BIPOC. Sign this petition to show your support for making racism acts be considered acts of domestic terrorism.
  • Justice for Tony McDade: Tony Mcade, a transgender black man, was shot and killed by Tallahassee police on February 27th. No arrests or charges have yet to be made.
  • Justice for Riah Milton
  • Justice for Nina Pop 
  • Justice for Brayla Stone
  • #JusticeForFloyd: George Floyd's murderers have been arrested & Chauvin's murder degree increased, but that isn't the end of the road. Show your support for the follow through of justice served in court.
  • Justice for Breonna Taylor: Breonna Taylor was an EMT murdered by Louisville police because of an illegal no knock warrant & utter incompetency and negligence. There is currently an FBI investigation but no charges or arrests have been made against the officers involved as of yet.
  • Support Improving Psychological Screening for Police: It is clear after decades of police mistreatment towards BIPOC that there is an issue with who is approved to become a law enforcement officer & current psychological screenings are insufficient. This petition calls for requiring the IAT (Implicit Association Test) as a way to eliminate people who are at an increased risk of posing a public danger while on the job. The IAT measures an individuals implicit and subconscious bias. 




  • Emergency Release Fund: NYC based & member of the National Bail Fund Network, this organization is currently using bail funds to assist BLM protesters, medically vulnerable, and LGBTQ+ identifying individuals. 
  • George Floyd Memorial Fund: Help support George Floyd's family during this hard time. Funds will go to cover funeral and burial costs, mental health services, and lodging and travel during the court trial.
  • Black Mama's Bail Out Fund: Assisting in 37 different cities across the country, Black Mama's Bail Out Fund focuses on bailing our black mother's and caregiver's to rid of the burden on their families with their absence. They also provide supportive services like job placement, legal clinics, and sustainable housing.
  • The Bail Project: A national bail fund with a revolving fund used to prevent incarceration & combat racial and economic disparities in the bail system.
  • I Run With Maud: The memorial fund for Ahmaud Arbery, hunted and murdered by 3 white supremacists in Georgia. Funds will go towards easing Arbery's mother's financial burden around his funeral & the fight for his justice.
  • Black Visions Collective: An inclusive Minnesota based black community organization. In the wake of George Floyd's death they have advocated for the Minneapolis Police budget be reallocated to social programs.



-Star-Spangled Fingernails: Florence Griffith-Joyner and the Mediation of Black Femininity by Lindsay Pieper
-As A Black Woman, My Acrylic Nails Will Always Be More Than Just A Manicure To Me by Tayo Bero
-How Acrylic Nails Went From Working Class Salons To The Fingers Of The Middle Classes by Akesha Reid
-Nail Art Is Bigger Than Ever — So Why Aren't Black Women Getting Any Credit? By Nadra Little
-Our Nails Will Shine Forever: The History of Acrylics and Appropriation by Brooklyn White
-The Complex Relationship Between Black And Asian Nail Techs In America by Asia Riddick

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