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As the Earth seasons begin to change and enter into a time of more groundedness & stabilization, it is also time for us to be in our biggest power by being in sync with the rhythms of nature and anchor in to the truth of who we are! I Know I’m Divine is a set that delivers the colors and energies to support you in truly claiming and walking in your power and of embodying your true worth, so it may also be reflected back to you at the highest. Each color represents different Earthly forces to help pull you into your purpose and amplify all the magnificence that you are.

The set includes: 4 Floss Gloss Ltd Pro Nail Lacquers in Palazzo Pleasures, Moon Baby, Tauped By An Angel & Black Holy, and sustainably-sourced palo santo for you to clear your auras and Home space and keep connected! A portion of sales will go toward Amazon Jungle conservation! 

When you're ready to evoke the beauty, bounty and blessings you want in life, Palazzo Pleasures is your shade. It brings forth an essence of knowing abundance is your birthright and activates deeper self-worth and self-love. Rock this color to remind yourself that as you grow in manifesting your desires and prosperity, the more you'll be able to generously share with others and the world! This color also allows for greater compassion and an open heart, so claim your abundance and love when you wear this chic shade.

When you're ready to call-in your highest of high love and light guides, wear Tauped By An Angel! This neutral, "umm, yes I go with anything" hue is here to ground you in the truth that you are so Divinely supported in life and can handle anything! Heading out on a first date? Launching a new business? Wear this color to have the archangels bless you and all you do and shine your brightest light and your Divine vibes anywhere at anytime!

Need a refresh? Want to press the re-set button? Moon Baby has your back! Seeing this purifying color on your hands will return you to lightheartedness and fun! It's all about communing with nature, oneness with all that is and letting your own spiritual gifts and healing abilities come more to light. Whenever you want to remind yourself that all is well, that with each new breath and each new moment you have an opportunity to raise your vibration and be filled with gratitude, wear Moon Baby and let it guide you.

Black Holy connects you to the bold, beautiful, brilliant badass you are! This color will get you centered and stabilized again, allowing you to be in your whole power and express your truest self to the world. It will also assist in you being deeply connected to Great Mother Gaia, planet Earth - the absolute key for making your dreams a reality. Rock Black Holy to blast through any blocks or limitations, walk with grace through any fears and shadows and tap into the confidence and energies that moves mountains!  

7 Free | FREE of 7 harsh chemicals typically found in nail polish.  Floss Gloss is proud to be formulated without Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP) or Xylene

Cruelty Free | Designed in Brooklyn & Made in California, USA 

Shake Well for Best Results!

Nail Swatcher: @pamperedpolishes

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